If you have a doubt on your level, feel free to contact us.

The organizers can and will redirect dancers to a better-adapted level when they register, if they feel it is in every participant’s best learning experience. Teachers can and will do the same during the event.

Level 1 – Beginners
You started WCS in September 2019, you know your basics pretty well (basic patterns, rythm and connection) and you already want more ?
This level was made especially for you.

Level 2
You know the basics of West Coast Swing and you want to develop your vocabulary and learn new patterns. You are feeling more and more comfortable in social dancing on almost every tempo. 
If you have been attending regular classes between one and two years and you go social dancing from time to time, this level is made for you.

Level 3
You are addicted to West Coast Swing. You always want more ! You have already attended a few events with workshops and you are always looking for social dancing whenever you can. You can dance on every tempo. You want to perfect your technique and have the tools to improve even more. 
For this level, we strongly recommend at least three years of regular classes as well as some external events.
(Depending on the number of  registrations, this level could be split in two : Level 3A and 3B)

Level 4
This level is for dancers who have WSDC points in Intermediate or Advanced divisions. Also accessible to other dancers by audition.

The distribution of participants amongst levels may change according to the profile of the participants to make sure everyone has the best possible experience during workshops.