Charter (EN)

  • Attendees commit to be in a good mood, polite and sociable during the whole event.
  • Attendees have to wear their wristband during the whole event. It is an obligation to present it at the entrance of each class or party.
  • Attendees have to accept teachers and organisers’ decisions during classes and parties and during the whole event.
  • The Brusselin’Swing organisers reserve the right to refuse the entry to classes and
    parties. Likewise, if an attendee doesn’t follow this charter, the organisers are free to ask them to leave the event with no financial compensation.
  • The Brusselin’Swing organisers have the possibility to modify the planning at any
  • Attendees are not allowed to film classes except if teachers give them permission.
  • Payment has to be made by a single bank transfer in the 10 days following the Internet registration and it has to be validated by the organisers by email for your registration to be taken into account.
  • Refunds are possible on the following conditions :
    . if attendee cancel their participation before September 30th 2019, 50% of the paid amount will be refunded.
    . if attendees cancel their participation before November 30th 2019, 25% of the paid amount will be refunded.
    . no refund will be possible if attendees cancel their participation later than December 1st 2019.
    The organisers reserve the right to refuse a cancellation, but must supply the attendee with a valid reason for the refusal. The attendee agrees to accept such refusal, or must immediately appeal to the organisers for reconsideration. For such appeals, the attendee must supply a valid reason for the consideration of the organisers. If the attendee is unable to supply a reason within 3 days, the attendee will have agreed to accept refusal of cancellation without reservation and will not in the future demand for a refund of this payment. By submitting an appeal, the attendee agrees to accept the organisers’ decision of the appeal, regardless of the outcome. If the organisers rule in favour of a refund, 25 euros will however be deduced from this refund for administrative fees.
  • The participants allow the Brusselin’Swing organisers to make use of and to broadcast images and videos made during the event, to any ends and without any compensation. Brussels WCS asbl retains data of a professional nature for internal management purposes and for the purpose of conveying to the customer information about workshops taken and informing them of the various events likely to interest them in the course of their activities related to West Coast Swing. The customer has a right of opposition, rectification and withdrawal on these data that can exercise the email address in contact menu. 
  • The Brusselin’Swing organisers are not responsible for any other material damages
    (loss/theft) or physical damages caused or suffered by anyone, during classes as well as during parties.
    If the onus is on the attendees, they have the obligation to use their own liability insurance.
  • Lost items have to be claimed during the 2 weeks following the event.
  • For the well-being of each attendee, appropriate hygiene is requested. Please, have a deodorant, spare items of clothing, and a towel to deal with perspiration problems.

    See you on the dancefloor ! 

    The BRUSSELiN’ Swing Team